• Tamara Bish

What Do You Stand For? Pillars of My Business

It took eight years, but I can finally say that who I am as a realtor is someone who values equity, education, and communication. Those three elements are the pillars of my business, which I bring with me into every interaction.

Putting these three pillars front and center helps me to connect with business partners who share my values, and identify best practices to support them. Without a strong foundation, I can get lost in the busyness and lose sight of who I am and how I want to show up for others.

Here's what I uniquely bring to the process as a realtor:

Equity - What does equity mean in real estate? It means I work to treat all buyers, regardless of price point, as deserving of my very best agency and advocacy. I believe everyone deserves a fair shot, and I work to foster partnerships with other vendors that do the same. Buying and selling homes is an inherently emotional process, and I work to make sure my clients consider the best contract above all else.

Education - Having been an educator first, I teach my clients about real estate - both best practices and new patterns and market trends. Even experienced Buyers and Sellers appreciate learning about current market conditions. Putting education first also helps set realistic expectations and keeps things from getting too stressful. Educated clients make the best choices, maximize their resources, and navigate the market with confidence.

Communication - Communication with Agents, Lenders, Buyers and Sellers is the most important part of what I do. Understanding what clients are looking for is the first step in a successful transaction, but knowing how to effectively communicate those needs is equally important. Agents are matchmakers - finding Buyers and Sellers with complimentary needs. Clear and constant communication also helps to anticipate obstacles and prepare my clients to avoid them.

There are lots of great realtors out there, and I appreciate the challenge Buyers and Sellers face when choosing a real estate partner to trust. I hope this outline provides a better sense of who I am and what I value in my business.

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