• Tamara Bish

Clean or Replace?

This is a common question I get from sellers pre-market. There are several factors to consider, but the main question is "will buyers be satisfied by the clean carpet?" Its easy to get wrapped up doing EVERYTHING you can to sell your home. The reality is that despite your best efforts, buyers may still have objections to your prep work. Also in our current market, carpet is unpopular. Buyers have it replaced BEFORE they move in, so the $$ spent cleaning doesn't always make the deal. As an agent, I try really hard to consider my clients resources, objectives, and likely outcomes when preparing for market. Nonetheless, here are a few helpful suggestions.


...if the carpet is less than 5 years old and looks reasonably clean. Carpet cleaning and window cleaning are at the top of my list of must do items pre-market. Newer carpet shouldn't be expensive to clean and can really look spiffy when its done. Did you know that professionals recommend cleaning your carpets every 6 months??

...if you have animals in your home. Even if your carpet looks great, have it cleaned. It is an important step for buyers who are concerned about allergies or animals in the home.


...if carpet is in unusual places. Buyers don't like carpet in kitchens or master bathrooms, no matter how clean. Alternative: Tile it. Seamless flooring is THE market trend. If you have small areas of worn carpet and can afford it, remove it all and put in a seamless laminate flooring. You will be shocked by how reasonable and beautiful wood laminate flooring has become.

...if the carpet is really worn AND dirty. Often carpet cleaning cannot fully remove the filtration lines (created along the edge of carpets) or bubbling. Alternative: Replace carpet or find a specialty carpet cleaner who can stretch and dye. I also recommend getting an estimate to replace the carpet before moving forward with a special cleaning. Contact me if you need a referral for the Sacramento area.

Still not sure? ASK YOUR AGENT. The right decision is what best fits your market, resources and sales strategy. 

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